Fairweather - Jay

Interview Date: May 14, 2011

Associated band: Fairweather


To start off, how are you feeling being here tonight?n

JAY: I have to say, it feels good. We didn't think this was going to happen. We were pretty much done when we broke up. We're all pretty excited about this actually happening.

How did it actually come together again?n

I think the how and the why mostly happened when we were just hanging out, and we commented about how fun it would be to play again at some point. Once that seed was planted, it started being something we talked about more when we got together for different events. It was a decision we made to just go ahead and do it.

How were the first practices back as a band?n

I was really unsure what to expect. The first time we practiced, it was almost like we didn't skip a beat. It was loud, fast, and fun. It was great. It was a lot of fun gearing up for this show and re-learning all these things we had forgotten.

A lot of time has passed since you last played. Are you in a different place than you were back then?n

Well sure. Anything someone creates is a reflection of where he is. The first record, I was very young and inspired by very different things than I am now. With Lusitania, we had a lot of pressure for making music our lives. It impacted a lot of lyrical content of the album as a result.

Have you been working on anything musically on the side?n

Ben Green has a thing called SEAS. He has included a few Fairweather members in that, specifically Shane and Peter. They are all backing him live. It's very good music. Peter and Shane did something with Nick called OLYMPIA on Equal Vision. I record stuff at my house for friends as a hobby. Ben Green and I have been recording friends together.

Was it hard to get warmed up again for your vocals after being out of it for a while?n

It's interesting to get reconnected with that part of myself. I stopped singing around the house and really didn't have an occasion to do it so I was really out of touch with the way it felt to sing and how temperamental my voice is. It definitely was a learning experience, and I woke up Monday pretty sick and anxious about all that. I've been treating that like every day.

In hindsight, are you pleased with how Lusitania came out?n

I think I am the most proud of Lusitania out of any of the releases we did. It was created in a vacuum. We were writing day in and day out. We tried a lot of things that were just beyond our grasp. We really pushed ourselves, and I think we really grew a lot from making that record. I am the least embarrassed to listen to that record these days versus the other records.

If you were to re-record any songs today, do you think any would come out pretty similar?n

Everything is a snapshot of the time. I don't like to go back and change things and correct them. It's like reading your diary when you read lyrics. I don't really relate to the same things that I did ten years ago, but again, they are still a snapshot. I don't want to correct it, but I could have written better things.

There are kids who obviously can't make it tonight and wonder if you'll play more shows.n

I think Green has already said to someone else…. We've been playing around a bit, writing some new stuff. We're flying through new material, really. I think we have intentions of playing when it works for us and makes sense. We are all in different stages of our lives. I have a job and mortgage now. Touring even for an extensive amount of time is not feasible. East coast dates here and there…. I don't see that being out of the question. The main goal is to record something together again and put it out.

Are there any bands you'd love to see again?n

LIFETIME was THE band I have always wanted to reunite, and they did, and I saw it. If they played again, I would definitely go see it. I love that band.