Truth And Rights - Eddie Sutton

Interview Date: May 15, 2010

Associated band: Truth And Rights


At the Black N Blue Bowl on May 15th, 2010, I passed by Eddie Sutton and told him about my zine I was putting together. He wanted to be a part of the first issue so I went aside and pulled together an interview with him between bands. Even though he didn't perform with any of his bands at BNB, his guest spot during Skarhead was one of the most talked about parts of the whole show.

Tell me a little bit about TRUTH AND RIGHTS....rn

The band itself is on my label. I started my own label strictly for my own music. I've got no use for the industry pieces of shit out there. I've got no use for the elitism that's part of this game. You know? It's all about the youth. It's about the youth, my friends, and my family. Everybody else better stay the fuck away from me because their time is over. This jealously, this hatred, this backbiting, this misery is killing this game. This has been around for over 30 fucking years. And you know what it's turning into? Fucking Doo-Wop. It's just played out oldies shit. These fuckers are out of gas. They are out of gas creatively. They got bloated and fat. They don't even realize that they are on cardiogram machines because they are about to fucking flat-line. They are dead. They are over.

What's happening with LEEWAY?rn

It's a corporate takeover. Every shirt I make now has \"EDDIE LEEWAY\" on it. That's what it's about. I've got no respect for boys. I work with men. I don't work with dudes that still live with their fucking mommies and rely on their parents in their mid-fucking-40s. They are all out of gas.

Who's in the EDDIE LEEWAY project now?rn

It's mainly a group of friends, but capable friends. I'm not playing around, but I'm into fun and games. When I get to work, it's all serious. A lot of people may not believe that, but I was always lived and died this shit when I was in it for the moment. You know what I mean? I think my performances spoke for themselves. Granted, I was sick for a long time and wasn't properly focused. I still went up there and gave everything I had for that minute. Now it's just so much more cold and calculated. It's blissful. I'm not supposed to be on this planet. If I am, I'm supposed to be in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the neck down. This is such a gift a fucking gift; I need to share it and give it to other people. The youth of what we have – I don't call hardcore a \"scene\" anymore – THIS thing of ours is all about the youth now. The kids have to grab the ring and make their own history. It's all over in regards to the past. Stop burning your hands and fingers holding on to the past. That candle is just giving you blisters and burns; it's time for a new start. It's time for a revolution straight-up!

Have you seen any new bands at all that give you hope?rn

I see some things man, but I can't really call them exciting 'cause if I did, I'd be lying. It's a refreshing new start for me, and I appreciate this music live a lot more than it recorded. A lot of people try to just get a good sound on record. They don't realize that recording itself is capturing a moment. You're capturing time in a bottle for history, for perpetuity. Most of the time, these industry pieces-of-shit are tightwads; nobody gets the proper budget to capture it well. I'm so blessed because I have everything at my reach, and I'm running with it. That's why I started my own label, like Buoy Entertainment, like the buoy at night you need to use to find your way home on the ocean. I don't have to deal with those motherfuckers. They are so full of shit it's disgusting. That's what hurts too because there is so much passion and heart in these kids out there, but they are being used like consumers. There is no respect there; it's really sad.

Your songs for TRUTH AND RIGHTS... Are they about stuff like this that pisses you off, or do you touch on other things with that band instead?rn

In a lot of ways I'm being critical and pissed. There are a lot of very honorable men within this thing of ours. Honorable men, family men, dangerous men. There's a whole facet of wannabes too. \"Tommy Karate\" is all about that. The lyrics go, \"Stone cold, that's what ya claim to be, but I call it like I sees it, say you're a gangster, racketeer. I see Al Cologne, mousekateer. You wish you could be Tommy Karate, oh you wish you could be Tommy. Just another sucker-who-er, thinks he's running games on others. I got news for ya cooze: You can never be a brother. You wish you could be Tommy Karate, oh you wish you could be Tommy.\" And then the break is a Sicilian proverb which most of these kids or wannabes don't understand when they are running their mouths. \"Those who say, do not do. Those who do, do not say.\" Sicilian proverb, guess I have to put kids to class. These kids need a proper education, not this bastardized, watered down play.

Back when LEEWAY first started, who were the REAL bands at that time?rn

At that time? I'm strictly saying with these, at. that. time. CRO-MAGS, AGNOSTIC FRONT, bands like UNDERDOG, MURPHY'S LAW, the prime heart of New York. On the west coast, there were true men: TRUE SOUNDS OF LIBERTY. CHANNEL 3 were capable dudes, but they weren't the cockswingers we all know today. The west coast, bands like SOCIAL DISTORTION, stuff like that. They composed songs, where New York City lived in the minute. We went bang, bang, bang with our songs. You know what I mean? You take a man like Jack Grisham at his prime.... I don't know a more intimidating man. He was a 21, 22 year old sociopath. Got a lot of respect for him. We also have all our own fucking killers in this mix too. Don't ever understate me. I'm a little guy, and I like to have fun, but don't fuck with me.

Are you keeping TRUTH AND RIGHTS to be a weekend this, or will it be more?rn

Well, that's what we can do now. Our shows and any tours are going to be short and sweet. I'm more concerned with recording and getting the concept, the revolution of it out there. There's a new time to be had, or it's all over for us. We're going to be some oldies fucking Doo-Wop thing. I do not think people realize this so I'm doing my best to stress this as much as I can in any interview or forum I can grab an audience and speak to. When I talk about gangster stuff, I'm not trying to come across necessarily like thug-core. I'm trying to tell a story and let you know what's out there. Don't ever act like a badass because there's always someone bigger and badder out there than you.

You've said you have a guest spot with SKARHEAD tonight. Did they ask you to do it, or did you hit them up about it?rn

Basically, Lord Ezec is one of my most dear friends in all of this. He's had a lot of faith in me since like 25 years ago when I first met him writing graffiti on the subway. He had this big head of red hair and nothing but teeth, and I watched him evolve into the incredible man and father that he is. He's for real. He's honorable. I can't help but give him love and respect. As I was doing the guest stuff on records up until now where I can come out and do my own band, to be on a record with him and guest spot on that record.... And to be here today, it's historical and a full circle for me. I headlined the first show here with LEEWAY so the fact we are back here at the old Ritz is a complete cycle for me. It's a blessing, as I said that I'm not supposed to be here. The fact I'm a part of this is a very humbling, beautiful, and exciting experience. I tried to catch the Superbowls as the years went on, but you know, sometimes life gets in the way of certain things. I got to be a part of it, and what more can you ask? The fact you're a part of it as a fan or player is quite a beautiful thing. I can't stress how blessed I am at this time, and I feel like I'm so unstoppable right now that the only way to stop me is with bullets. It's as simple as that.

Last question, how long do you think before you have a band playing on one of these Superbowls again?rn

I'd say you could count on us being here next year... I don't think that would be a problem. We intend to set the bar on a high level that's very hard to reach. It'll be a whole new standard, a whole new day that needs to be had. It's as simple as that. I thank everyone for giving me that time and consideration. I would never ever abuse this thing. It's too good to do such a thing.