The Carrier - Dickie

Interview Date: February 15, 2010

Associated band: The Carrier


Last summer at TIH, we heard some new THE CARRIER material. How is recording going, and how many songs are you guys recording this time around? n

DICKIE: We’re recording with Jay Maas at the Getaway Group, and it’s coming out great. Originally, we were going to record ten songs, but we decided to cut one because it didn’t seem up to par with the rest of the record. So, it’s going to be nine brand new songs, and we’re really proud of how it’s coming together.

How does the new THE CARRIER material compare to the old? n

DICKIE: I think that in some ways this record is a new stepping-stone for THE CARRIER, but ultimately, I don’t think it’s anything too drastic that any of our older listeners couldn’t enjoy. It’s experimental in some ways, and simplified in others. On one of the tracks we actually had an old friend of ours come in to do some guest percussion, and I can assure you that it will blow your mind!

Have any general idea of when you hope for the new album to be released? n

DICKIE: We are hoping that it will be out sometime this summer.

How are you personally challenging yourself on the new material? n

DICKIE: I think that we are just honest with ourselves in the sense that we are always going to write whatever we really want to play. With each release, we are always striving to make our songs darker and heavier. I wouldn’t really say that we necessarily challenge ourselves, but I think that the more we write, the more critical we become of what we actually like and don’t like.

What are your touring plans for after the March tour? n

DICKIE: We plan on doing a full US this summer with THE BONUS ARMY and a European tour as well. We’re really excited to be playing some bigger shows in Europe, such as Ieperfest; it’s going to be a real privilege to play with so many great bands.

Are there any new bands out of Massachusetts that you think will lead the next \"wave\" of music out of MA? n

DICKIE: One of my favorite bands in MA right now is WATCHFIRE. They just got done recording a record called The Resurrection of Truth, and it is amazing. Fans of RINGWORM, SLAYER, and METALLICA will eat this up; check them out at

At TIH, Anthony puked all over the stage (to Joe Hardcore's dismay). What's the grossest thing that has happened involving THE CARRIER on tour? n

DICKIE: We’re actually really disgusting people. We do disgusting things frequently on a daily basis while we’re on tour. One time, we all got the KFC buffet for lunch, and once we were ready to leave, we filled up a giant bucket of chicken and ate it for the rest of the day––and the next day too. We used the van’s seats/our shirts as napkins. We also used to have a tube in our van, which we would stick out the window so that we can piss while driving, but we usually just piss in bottles now. The Canadian border patrol once told us that we should seriously consider cleaning the accumulated bottles of urine out of our van before we try to cross country borders. Oh, and Anthony’s feet always smell.

What are your parting words? n