The Chariot - Josh Scogin

Interview Date: May 01, 2006

Associated band: The Chariot


First of all, there’s been a huge buzz for the Sounds Of The Underground tour, even from before the line-up was announced because of the sheer success of the tour this year. Now that the line-up is complete and dates announced, how do you guys anticipate the tour will be this year?

JOSH SCOGIN: I think it will be a cool time of metal mayhem.

Are there any bands in particular that you are excited to share the stage with during the summer’s tour?

JOSH: I don't really know any of the bands we are playing with, but I am sure it will be great sharing the stage with all of them.

How was the experience of touring with a huge band like P.O.D., and do you guys prefer to perform huge shows and tours or smaller venues?

JOSH: The experience was definitely a great one, very surreal to say the least. I would definitely rather play a more intimate show with no barricade than to play some of these huge venues with a five-foot barricade that you can't even interact with the kids with.

How has recording been for the new album, and what can we expect as far as new material is concerned? Will the new album have the high- pitched feedback that was in the first but absent from the EP?

JOSH: It is nothing that we plan out or anything. Even with the first record we did not plan to have crazy feedback the whole time; we just wanted everything to be live so that is how it came out. We could have took the time to remove it and all that stuff, but we were going for a very real album that you could feel. With this record we have no preset notions. We just have to see how the album forms. I am always into punk rock though so I know it can't be too polished up.

How has Solid State Records been with supporting the band and its endeavors?

JOSH: I feel like they have supported us greatly, which takes some guts, because it seems like everything we do is a little less mass friendly every time. But I think they trust us and I believe it has paid off for them as well, even though we don't ever do things the way of the norm.

What is the band’s touring plans for after Sounds Of The Underground?

JOSH: After Sounds Of The Underground, we are heading to Europe, and after that, we have some things in the works that hopefully will pan out pretty much keeping us out 'til the end of the year.

Can we expect another DVD or perhaps a live album in the near future, since the last DVD did not get much exposure into the masses?

JOSH: I hope so. It is more up to Solid State ultimately, but we are filming stuff right now in hopes of a DVD.

Why did you guys particularly choose the name The Chariot? Were there any previous names that you had and later decided not to use?

JOSH: I can't remember any names before The Chariot. The name comes from the chariot of fire from the Bible, but as far as the name as just a word, I just love the word.