Terror - Doug Weber

Interview Date: June 01, 2006

Associated band: Terror


First of all, there's been a huge buzz this year for the Sounds Of The Underground tour, and for a while you guys were rumored and voted to be on the tour before the line-up was even announced. How do you anticipate the turnout and overall experience of the tour will be this year?

DOUG WEBER: I think the tour should be really good. I think the turnout will be bigger than last year. It seems like there is more hype surrounding the tour this year. It’s going to be a great summer!

Are there any bands on the Sounds Of The Underground tour that you guys are really excited to share the stage with that maybe haven't gotten the opportunity to before because of genre differences or whatever?

DOUG: I’m super stoked to share the stage with In Flames! I have been a huge fan for about eight years now. Same with Cannibal Corpse! Fuckin’ brutal!

How do you feel with a primarily metal/metalcore line-up every day for the whole summer? Do you think the tour will be an accurate representation of Terror, who seem to me to be a more smaller-venue-basedband?

DOUG: I think it will be a good opportunity to play in front of a lot of new people! At this point, we have done a million hardcore tours in the US. Now we need to get out there and play for new faces!

What are the tour plans for Terror after this summer's huge tour?

DOUG: We are probally gonna be on tour for the next year solid. Our new record drops on the 4th of July so we will be on the road promoting it.

How has Trustkill Records been as far as supporting the band and giving you guys what you need as far as coverage?

DOUG: Trustkill has been a great label; they have really helped take our band to the next level. Hopefully with the new record, we can step it up even more.

What is the status on the new album? Are you guys shooting for something out of the ordinary or off from what people expect with Terror?

DOUG: The new record is fast, pissed off, and straight to the point. Nothing too out of the ordinary but there is some different shit on there you wouldn’t expect to hear from Terror.

Is there any possibility of a live album or DVD for Terror in the near future? From my experiences, you guys have been definitely a live band, which is true with so much in the hardcore scene.

DOUG: We actually have a DVD coming out next week. It’s called “The Living Proof.” It has a ton of live shit from around the world: interviews, us in the studio recording the new record, etc. Should be pretty sweet.

What bands have really stuck out as talented, self-driven bands that really deserve attention but just are really small right now?

DOUG: Ringworm is probally my favorite hardcore band. They have been around since '92 or some shit, and never really taken off.