Tilly And The Wall - Kianna

Interview Date: October 15, 2006

Associated band: Tilly And The Wall


Can you briefly introduce yourself and your role in Tilly And The Wall?

KIANNA: I'm Kianna, and I sing songs and play bass in Tilly And The Wall.

How is the current tour in Europe going compared to the previous tours you’ve had?

KIANNA: This tour has been amazing and different because we have been playing our first festivals. They have been incredibly fun, and we have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to play with so many rad bands!

How were the results to the Rainbows In The Dark submissions you took online about a month ago? When will we get to see the final product?

KIANNA: I got to see it just once, but man, that was some cute shit. There were some that were thought out and acted, and some that were just a girl singing in her room. They were so awesome!

How has the relationship between Tilly And The Wall and Conor Oberst’s label Team Love been? What originally led you to sign with his label?

KIANNA: The relationship between us and Team Love has always been very supportive and positive. They give us freedom to do whatever we wish, and though they offer input, we have the final say in what happens to us. A few years ago, Conor had been thinking about starting a new label. At that time we were thinking about labels and recording our first record. One night he rounded us up and said, \"I want to out out your record as our first release for the new label.\" We shit our pants. LITERALLY! Ok, no.. but we were flattered and said YES!

Are there any plans to collaborate with other bands on Team Love, or perhaps outside of Team Love? If not, what are some bands you’d like to collaborate with?

KIANNA: We have plans to collaborate with this band The Black Lips. We are going to do a split 7\" with them. We want to do a series of them with different bands. Not too sure who though yet!

Do you hope/plan to tour with Conor Oberst again in the future?

KIANNA: Fuck yeah we hope! He's the best. He takes care of people, and he is a true friend.

What is the writing process like for your material? Do you write songs as you tour, or do you write when you are back home?

KIANNA: We all write separately so everyone is different. Personally, I write anywhere. I write words and melodies (lyrics) in the van or a hotel rooms or back stage or on my couch. Once one of our songs is ready to be worked on, we say \"Hey guys, I have a new song; you wanna learn it?\" Then everyone works on their own parts, and we refine it.

For people like me that have never experienced Tilly And The Wall live, how would you describe the experience of one of your shows?

KIANNA: Well, we hope that it is a fun experience! It is for us anyway! But we hope people are entertained and feel like they are part of what is happening. We want to break down any barriers between us and the crowd.

What is the concept behind offering the different seasons of the year for entrance on your website?

KIANNA: Weather is interesting, and we thought it would be rad to pick the season that would suit your mood for that day. You can always be sunny tomorrow!

Often in the underground music scene, there are bands that just get overlooked, discarded, or otherwise forgotten because the media likes to focus in on the “radio hits.” What are some of the smaller bands that have really caught your attention?

KIANNA: The Black Lips!

What is the most influential aspect of music or art that caused you to go the route in life that involved bands and music, not the traditional “work 9-5” life?

KIANNA: I think I was born to create and perform. I only am realizing this now. I remember tapes from my youth... I can be only described as a \"ham.\" HAHAH! Plus, my mom is an artist, and in his younger years, my dad made wonderful drawings; the interest for that was passed along.

Do you have any final comments to the readers out there?

KIANNA: Ride your skateboards; create and love. xo