Clearing up some confusion on the streets….

This is a common misconception about Future Breed. There is only ONE photographer for Future Breed, and it’s the same person that does the website, CD reviews, interviews, show listings, myspace, promotions, and everything. Dan Gonyea is the SOLE member of Future Breed and will always be the SOLE member. Sorry to stomp on anyone’s ideas that the site is a group of people, but I do not ever want it to become that, and nobody has been involved in it other than me except one case in 2005. 

-Dan Gonyea

Future Breed on Alternative Press’s website

Check out a photo spread on Alternative Press’s website I did for the Fall Out Boy show at Harper’s Ferry!

Click here for the photo spread.

New design tweaks

If you don’t see a huge red banner at the top of the page, you need to clear your browser’s cache.

Reviews and interviews are going to be integrated into the sidebar soon, and a search function for all that is coming as well! If anyone has any other recommendations for the site, shoot me an email. I’ve been doing a lot of the things you guys have been asking for so speak up!

Also, I have a blog up right now on National Geographic’s website for their documentary Inside: Straight Edge. You can watch that show Sunday at 4 pm EST. There is a clip in the international version that I’m involved in, and I also have some photos of myself and that I’ve taken floating around on flyers for the show and the DVD packaging.

Future Breed photo on new t-shirt

Check out this new t-shirt over at Shop Shogun exclusively for the band Soul Control. The photo used was taken at Club Hell in Providence, RI on February 16th, 2008.

Future Breed photo in AP this month

Check out my color photo of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones on the last page of the article “Oral History of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.” It’s the one on the bottom right.

Short update

For anyone who was wondering why there has not been any updates or photos up, here’s the scoop. I’m currently a software engineer with and have been working during the week. I’ll be covering most shows on the weekends and doing major site updates then. For smaller updates like new shows, photos, etc, I will maintain those in the evenings. For photo coverage request, please send an email to I’m working out a nice request page so you can just do it straight from the site, but that won’t be ready until later next week. Hope everyone is doing well.

Updated section with new features!

Check out the UPCOMING SHOWS and CONCERT ARCHIVE sections for some fun surprises, such as being able to see all shows that are coming up and that have been covered for specific bands and venues! Soon the concert archive section will also have links to all the photos for each show, and the bands sections will have access to all reviews and interviews for those bands.

Future Breed 2007 wrap-up

Hey guys! Thanks so much for all your support and dedication with visiting Future Breed. I’ve had a lot of emails, IMs, and good conversations in person with a lot of you, and I would love to meet even more of you in 2008. I’ve had quite the year with this site! Everything from being published in Alternative Press Magazine and doing photos for Linkin Park and Static-X to selling photos to National Geographic for a documentary and doing photos on New Years Eve for the great Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Bands have come and gone, but all those moments are now captured for everyone to see. Please check out some stats below for the site, and I wish the best to everyone in 2008!

Here are some stats on Future Breed in 2007:

Concerts covered for photos: 108 (average of one every three days)

Bands covered for photos: 350

Number of visitors: 140,000

Total number of photos in archive: 38,900

Number of countries represented by visitors: 78

Top 10 countries for visitors:
- United States
- Canada
- Germany
- United Kingdom
- Australia
- Hungary
- Brazil
- Belgium
- Sweden
- Japan

Number of people who visited the site on a PSP: 2

Number of people who visited the site on a Wii: 3

Number of people who visited the site on a iPhone: 6

Number of people who visited who still use dial-up and therefore live in the 90s: 1,087

Future Breed photo in the Boston Herald

Check out the outdoors promo photo I did for Kidnapkin at this link.

Welcome to Future Breed!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new design for Future Breed. Enjoy some new interviews and reviews throughout the site as well as the search bar on the side so you can find your favorite bands. The photography page is much different than before. Old photos from before December 13th, 2006 will not be posted on the new site. If you are in a band and wish to have these older photos, please contact me in the CONTACT section. Make sure to check out the Upcoming Shows section and send in a request on the bottom for your band or favorite band’s shows if they are not already listed. What should you all expected for this new site? I will be making updates for news with local and national bands to keep all of you informed on the latest happenings. Articles and CD reviews will be made regularly. Show reviews are now in the form of little summaries underneath the photos from shows.

Have a Happy New Year from Future Breed!