In the process of updating the photo archive

Over the next week or so, I’ll be updating the photo archive to make all the old photos I’ve done accessible to everyone who is viewing the site. Currently I have 2009 and 2008 all done, and about half of 2007. You can view the photos by going to Shows Archive on the top menu bar or going below the Featured Interview on the right sidebar to see the breakdown of photos by year. As I get more up, they will update automatically…. I have to rebuild a lot of these sets through Flickr so it’s going to take some time. I also need to update all the shows to make sure the right bands are tagged for the right shows. Thanks for your patience! I promise once that update is done, you’ll get a nifty search bar on this site to find photos for the bands you want right away!

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  1. Ben Mahanna

    06.99.2010 9:16 pm

    I was just wondering when the pics from The asking alexandria show are going to be up. The camra icon was next to the show listining so i figured you were going to be there taking pictures

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